What is an Apprenticeship?

Get paid whilst working in your chosen career and achieve a nationally recognised qualification.  

Myths about Apprenticeships 
  • Apprenticeships are just for young people

  • Apprenticeships are only for school or college leavers

  • Apprentices earn minimum wage 

Apprenticeship Benefits

Apprenticeships provide an alternative to traditional classroom study with the opportunity to progress in your career, gain professional skills, status and accreditation all whilst earning a salary.   

> Get paid to learn

  • > Receive training and support from your trainer assessor and employer

  • > Work towards a nationally recognised qualification

  • > Progress within your industry with an employer who invests in you

  • > Learn transferable skills whilst working 

  • > No debts since the government and employer pay for your training

  • > Available from age 16 to 65