This course will teach you how to minimise the risk of transmitting infection by taking the proper preventative action. Although there is no formal qualification accompanying this program, you will receive a certificate of unit completion from the Awarding Body and the two units shown below will count towards a formal qualification should you wish to complete it in the future.


  • J/616/6209 Causes and Spread of Infection (level 2 unit, 2 credits)

  • Y/616/6215 Cleaning, Decontamination and Waste Management (level 2 unit, 2 credits)

Who is this qualification for?

This program is useful for anyone working in any industry needing to deepen their knowledge on the causes and spread of infection and practices for cleaning, decontamination and waste management. 

Topics covered

Learners undertaking this program will learn about the following area’s


  • Understanding the cause and transmission of infection

  • How to maintain a clean environment

  • The principles and steps of the decontamination process

  • The importance of good waste management practice.  

Delivery & Assessment Method

The qualification is assessed via the completion of two open-response workbooks, these can be completed via a word document and emailed to your assessor. Alternatively, a paper-based copy can be sent to you. 

Typically this course will be able to be completed in 1 month.


Learners completing this program will also receive an infection prevention and control handbook. 

Course Fee’s 

£48.99 (please contact for group booking discounts)